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Our Mission

We help hospitality clients take their business to the next level—whether it’s restructuring to maximize profits, assembling a team that fits the company culture, brand development and technology in the independent boutique or outdoor hospitality segment.

We love identifying a challenge, creating, a strategy and executing a plan that meets each client’s specific needs.

“It’s not what you
say; it’s what you
do that people
will remember.”

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What We See

We saw the need in the boutique and outdoor hospitality space; there is a lack of hospitality experts with the relevant experience and prior know-how to guide owners/developers to transform their brand’s guest journey into a seamless experience.

We understand guests/hospitality/cutting edge technology and can leverage them to curate the proper expertise that flows best with your brand and the brand standards.

Who We Are

We are a uniquely experienced, talented group offering clients demonstrated results from hospitality companies around the globe. Our experience is as broad as the industry. We’ve held executive posts at small boutique hotels and mega-resorts, and everything in between.

Our decision to launch Escape N Stay Hospitality was driven by a shared desire to serve the hospitality world. We began our journeys in different places at different times, but our paths intersected fortuitously at the Irvine Company, where we each played critical roles in the success of the Resort at Pelican Hill, a distinctive world-class property that’s earned Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond ratings. But our accomplishments don’t start and stop there.

We love what we do, and we take tremendous pride in delivering on our promises and exceeding client expectations. More than advisors, we are your partner, part of your team, and accountable to what we say we will do. We are Escape N Stay Hospitality, a rare collection of experts who canvas every aspect of hospitality services.

“If you love what you do, you
never have to go to work.”

What We Do

We have a simple philosophy: Establish a relationship with the client; become intimately familiar with the business, its issues and opportunities; and outline a specific outcome to meet the client’s expectations. There is no challenge too significant, opportunity too complicated or outcome unachievable. If it can be thought, it can be done by our team.

We begin by asking questions aimed at identifying needs and forging a path to success.

Is your hotel better off post-covid? Do you have an organizational challenge? We look at all aspects of the business, including:

Why Us

We are not just experts—we are conditioned, trained and built to deliver on expectations. We are direct, driven, honest and passionate about the hospitality world, and believe we are here to serve our customers in every way possible.

We have successfully navigated companies through 9/11, the Great Recession, the covid pandemic, and all the robust times in between. We understand the need to embrace the moment and view the future. Take the burgeoning outdoor hospitality space—we see its potential and recognize the opportunities it brings to the market.

We know what success looks like, whether it’s a new opening or re-opening, a repositioning or rebranding, a market share improvement or financial evaluation, or simply an overview of your company’s current state.

“There is no shortage of ideas,
but execution is all that matters.”

How We Do It

Technology, data research and market analysis are key in formulating a multitude of strategies: post-covid revenue recovery, competitive benchmarking, lowering overhead costs, improving service delivery. We’re expertly versed in STR and other industry resources. We review the data to identify revenue streams and how they flow—food and beverage, retail, recreation services—and we’re practiced at synthesizing the data that matters most and applying it to a plan of action.

Our team embraces all aspects of a client’s needs—from achieving the right high-tech/low labor balance for your organization to identifying new trends that fit with your company vision, or anything in between. There is no request too large or too small for us. We evaluate opportunities and leverage our expertise to understand the issue, collaborate with clients, and internally establish an expected outcome and timeline.

We utilize past, current, and future outlook to create a plan that is mutually understood and agreed upon. We access experience, competitive knowledge and third-party resources to ensure outstanding results.

“Base business decisions on data,
facts we all understand,
not hypotheticals.”

What You Should Expect

First and foremost, we are a partner—for a long-term project or short-term assignment. We are a highly motivated and accountable team that listens and works for you. We will ensure transparency, clarity and detailed strategy to ensure our goals are mutually understood, delivered and success is achieved. Anything less is failure and not within our DNA or business model. It’s easy to identify issues, but not always as simple to understand how to overcome them, and establish a plan to execute and deliver results.

“Be distinctive.
Be decisive.”

The Team

We are the most or least important three but, there is an army of talent behind us ....


Don't hesitate to contact us for more glowing references on our work pedigree.


Visualizing the Future

Feasibility Studies, Brand Creation and Brand Strategy, Concept Development, Financial analysis and Underwriting, and Property Amenities and Features and Market positioning

Refining the Now

Brand positioning, Developing property services and Unique guest touchpoints, Staffing model, Software and Technology platform, Marketing, and Social Media programming.

Making the Switch

Project Management, Legal Support, Accounting, Vendor Selection, and Management Contract Underwriting. Developing KPIs and Metrics for monitoring performance

Turning the Page

Recruitment, Training, SOP, and Coaching/mentoring

Building the Lego Blocks

Guest flow, Interior Design, Architect Selection, General Contractor Selection, IT and FF&E Selection

Keeping the Dream Alive

Management Consulting, Troubleshooting, and mystery shopping audits with recommendations.

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